Yale Saddle Club

Yale Saddle ClubThe Yale Saddle Club is a very active little club. It was organized in 1964. Every other week-end throughout the spring and summer, you may participate in or be entertained by a fun horse show held at the arena on the far south end of main street. Also, every Fourth of July the Saddle Club hosts a trophy/jackpot horse show in conjunction with the town’s annual celebration. These shows draw participants from all over central Iowa and many spectators who come to enjoy the free entertainment and delicious food served at the concession stand on the grounds. In addition to the full schedule of horse shows, the club also holds a two-day trail ride every year. Many times the number of riders on this ride has exceeded 150. The club strives to provide family entertainment at an affordable price. For more information on the Yale Saddle Club contact Rosemary Whisler by email: thewhiz at netins.net or look for our group page on Facebook. You may also contact Rosemary by phone: 641-431-0600.


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